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  • Litigation Service

    In the field of IP administrative and infringement litigation, Lian & Lien IP Attorneys has established a good reputation for its high-quality professional services. This reputation originated from an unique and innovative style of service to its clients, and from the extremely high satisfaction rate of the clients with respect to the results of the cases.

  • Investigation and Risk Evaluation Service

    To provide IP infringement analysis and prospective analysis of the risk of IP infringement is one of the characteristic services that Lian & Lien IP Attorneys is providing to its clients. The correctness and reliability of the judgment based on the rich experience of the professionals helped to build a trust and confidence relationship between the clients and Lian & Lien IP Attorneys.

  • IP Consulting and Training Services

    To provide customized intellectual property consulting and training services for enterprises and other institutions is another characteristic of Lian & Lien IP Attorneys. The firm’s clients such as various research institutions under China’s MII (Ministry of Information Industry), Hejian Technology Co., Ltd have benefited from the customized consulting and training.

  • Legal Advisory Service

    One more characteristic service Lian & Lien IP Attorneys provides is its quick and accurate response to legal inquiries from its clients. Generally Lian & Lien IP Attorneys is able to respond to client inquiries within 24 hours owing to the thorough understanding and profound expertise of the professionals with respect to intellectual property laws, inter alia, the Chinese Patent Law and the PCT.

  • Patent Prosecution

    Lian & Lien IP Attorneys provides well-tailored individual services to its high-end clients including well-known high tech R & D entities from China, the United States, Europe and Japan.

  • Trademark Prosecution

    With its rich and comprehensive experience in trademark prosecution and well-established cooperative partnership relationship with law firms all over the world, Lian & Lien IP Attorneys excels at helping its clients in China acquire trademark registration abroad and its clients abroad acquire trademark registration in China. This firm has also helped its domestic clients acquire trademark registrations in China. The nationally famous TSTV (Travel Satellite TV) and Beijing TV may be cited as exemplary representatives of these trademarks.