Lian & Lien IP Attorneys is in action against the outbreak of the Novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP)

Date:2020-02-10  Author: Lian & Lien

Since December 2019, the outbreak of NCP has worried the people throughout our country. All sectors of the community are doing their best to contribute to the battle against the epidemic. As a professional service organization of intellectual property rights, Beijing Lian & Lien IP Attorneys has the responsibility and obligation to do our parts to combat against the epidemic.


In particular, with regard to the patent applications for the detection and diagnosis of the NCP, Lian & Lien makes a solemn promise to absorb any attorney fees during the application stage, including the following technical solution to be eligible for a patent for the NCP and which are available under the Chinese Patent Law and its relevant regulations:


1. New pharmaceutical composition for targeted treatment of the NCP.


2. Kits and instruments used in the detection of the NCP.


3. Medical devices used in the treatment and adjuvant treatment of patients who were infected by the virus of the NCP.


4. New uses of existing pharmaceutical compositions in the treatment of the NCP, etc.


Lian & Lien will support the battle against the outbreak of the NCP based on our professional knowledge, and work together with the whole nation to confront a shadow war, combat the epidemic, overcome difficulties together! Go Wuhan Go! Go China Go!


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